Business Overview

RTL EU is a custom telematics specialist for the commercial vehicle marketplace providing sophisticated management tools that capture and analyse vehicle and driver data to optimise fleet safety and efficiency. With 25 years’ experience in vehicle telemetry as well as working with many of the leading engine and truck manufacturers, we are best-placed to deliver advanced tracking, monitoring and reporting systems that overcome specific operational challenges and enhance business performance.

What Makes Us Different?

Our competencies are unmatched in the commercial vehicle telematics industry. We provide fully integrated, cost-effective solutions based on proven technology, technical expertise, unique methodologies, rapid implementations, and proven ROI. Their effectiveness has made us the telematics company of choice for commercial vehicle operators worldwide.


Our focused approach to telematics has given us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that commercial vehicle fleets face today as well as insights into those that lay ahead.

Our expertise is complemented by advanced telematics technology together with driver, engine and vehicle systems know-how.
The result is an ever-expanding portfolio of powerful and comprehensive vehicle and driver reporting packages. Unlike conventional reporting packages, we use proprietary methodologies to ensure that all drivers and vehicles are compared on a like for like basis, creating a level playing field for all drivers.

Research and Development is a major business unit within RTL accounting for almost 60% of our workforce.

Innovation is embedded in our corporate culture and continues to drive the growth of the business. A commitment to sharing and teamwork, an extensive international network and excellent industry relations continue to maximise our innovative potential.


Working at the ‘high technology’ end of the telematics market, we maintain a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of engineers and software developers – all of whom are employed on a full-time basis.

Research and Development Resources

RTL has access to many third party resources to assist us in our product development. In developing new technologies, we have developed long term working relationships with academia, government departments and major commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Prototype Development and Manufacturing

RTL has a specialist team that can quickly develop simple prototypes for hardware systems integration. We also have our own manufacturing facilities which allow us to produce products in high or low volumes within a very short lead time.

Hardware Integration

RTL’s systems integration capabilities include:

Corporate Social Responsibility

RTL believes that to be a successful company it must maintain a successful social strategy. We are fully committed to maintaining good corporate social behaviour among staff, customers and stakeholders and in responsibility towards the environment.


RTL is committed to providing an inclusive working environment where all employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. As an innovator, it is essential that we attract and retain the best people to continue to grow and provide the best products and services to our customers.


We aim to meet our customers’ business objectives in a safe, cost effective and sustainable manner. Their feedback is vital in helping us improve the service we provide on future projects.


When selecting suppliers, we have a strict policy of ensuring that they are fully committed to their own corporate social responsibility policies. As part of our quality policy, reviews of suppliers, their products, ethical working practices and facilities are carried out regularly.


Our customers operate vehicles which have a severe impact upon the environment. We aim to help reduce this impact. RTL is committed to environmental values and to reduce pollution - in particular energy consumption and CO2 emissions - and ensure good resource and waste management practices and controls.

Reduce Accidents, Minimise Claims Costs and Protect Your Fleet using Superior Technology