Custom Telematics

How It Works

RTL is best placed to meet precise business and operational requirements. Where your needs cannot be met using our standard tools, our custom telematics design and development team works with you to create a fully-integrated, cost-effective solution that take advantage of our proven technology, technical expertise, unique methodologies, rapid implementation and proven return on investment.

Benefits of using the Custom Telematics

  • Our custom telematics solutions are proven to generate a positive return on investment.
  • We work closely with you prior to deployment to determine the overall business value that can be achieved based on measurable fleet benefits.
  • We will provide you with your own industry expert to give individual and practical recommendations on how you can make ongoing improvements to your fleet’s efficiency to ensure that it delivers the highest levels of returns for your business.


We deliver highly-accurate and critical information, so you can possess the business intelligence and operational insight to increase efficiency, cut costs and meet a growing list of legal and environmental obligations. In particular, we can help you reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, improve driver and vehicle safety, achieve regulatory compliance and increase overall effectiveness of your commercial vehicle fleet.