IT1000 3G Camera

Where fully featured telematics meets the video footage


How It Works

Our proven platform works alongside the leading 3G vehicle camera in the marketplace to bring together fully-featured telematics with high definition video footage. It delivers all the functionality of live vehicle tracking, fleet reporting and forward-facing cameras into a single solution to help you better protect, monitor and manage your fleet operation.

Benefits of using the IT1000 3G Camera

  • Reduce accident frequency by up to 60%
  • Drive down average third party claim costs by over 25%
  • Immediate claim intervention with first notification of loss (FNOL)
  • Lower fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Prove fault and what really happened
  • Detect unsafe driving and driver training needs


Reduce accidents, minimise claims costs and protect your fleet using our superior video and tracking technology. Our solution provides instant visibility of any recorded events, with full HD quality footage and supporting vehicle data, to help mitigate financial and operational risks. This means you can boost productivity, achieve efficiencies, improve driver behaviour and protect against avoidable insurance costs.

Our Customers